Chairman’s Report

Serving the communities of Abridge & Lambourne End
April 2018


Hello from Lambourne Parish Council

In last month’s report we wrote about the fact that all residents have a stake in the local community and need to look after the Parish that we live in. The response that was received from members of the Parish was amazing and we hope that this may be the start of residents and the Parish Council and EDFC working closer together in keeping the Parish the envy of many.

People are still parking their cars on the pavement and letting their dogs mess the footpaths, but these people need to know that now other residents are noticing this more and reporting issues to the Clerk or EFDC direct. They should take note.

Mini-Roundabout, London Road  A number of residents have shown concern regards the markings and signage at the roundabout, and feel that this may be causing the near misses that are occurring regularly there. This has been reported to Essex Highways and an engineer agrees that work should be carried out. This can still take some time and line marking is normally carried out in warmer, dryer weather so that it dries quickly. We will keep you updated.

Dog Bins There have been a number of complaints regards overflowing dog bins around the Parish. The bins are emptied on a regular basis by a professional company employed by the Parish Council. As some locations see more dogs, certain bins may fill before this collection. We would ask dog owners that find a bin full to take their bag to another bin or home instead of dropping on top of and around the bin. Other items are also regularly put in the bins which fill them quicker than they should. This is a matter the Council are looking in to.

With the response received from last month, we have included the contact points for different issues again so that you have them to hand.

Potholes, Broken Kerbs, road signs etc. – If you see any of these around the Parish they can be reported at or on 03456 037631.

Street Lights – The Parish Council look after a number of lights around the Parish along with EFDC Housing and Essex Highways. If you see a light is not working or damaged please email the Clerk who can deal with this.

Dog Mess – If you see someone letting their dog mess the pavement and not clearing it up again, email the Clerk with a picture or name if possible and they will be reported to EFDC.

Fly Tipping – If you see rubbish around the Parish that has been dumped please report it on 01992 564 608 or via the EFDC website.

Antisocial Behaviour –
 What is antisocial behaviour?
Antisocial behaviour is defined as “behaviour by a person which causes, or is likely to cause, harassment, alarm or distress to one or more persons not of the same household as the person”. If someone is in immediate danger or needs support right away please call 999 now. If not report via the EFDC website at

Our Clerk can be contacted on 07973 863820 during “office hours” or Please let us know of any problems you see within the Parish, and any ideas you have for improving the Parish.

The next Parish Meeting will be on Wednesday 25th April at 7.45pm. This meeting will be in the Lambourne End Parish Rooms and all are welcome to attend. There is a 15 minute Public Consultation where residents can talk with the Councillors. We look forward to seeing you there.

Lambourne Parish Council