Chairman’s Report

Serving the communities of Abridge & Lambourne End
September – October Link Up Report

So summer has passed and we are now Autumn is upon us with the days getting shorter and dark evenings. Please be careful as you walk around the Parish in the dark and be aware of the different hazards. Some of these hazards are natural such as wet leaves and broken twigs/branches, and some are there because of inconsiderate residents and members of the public such as dog mess, bins left out on the wrong days and the ever increasing problem of cars parking high on the pavements and opposite road junctions. More on this to follow.

Halloween – Over recent years it has been lovely to see the number of houses that have decorated for Halloween and all the children going around the Parish Trick or Treating. That said, Halloween can be stressful for a number of residents, including the older members of the community and those living alone. It seems to have become an unwritten rule locally that if a house is decorated for Halloween they are happy for children to knock, but those without decorations may not be so keen.

Please try and take children out in groups with adult supervision and make sure they are wrapped up for the weather. Be aware of where your children are and above all have a happy and safe time.

Inconsiderate Parking
– There have been a number of complaints over the last month of how many cars are parking on the pavement. People who do this have no consideration for people with pushchairs, those in wheelchairs and the many people who do not want to walk in the road when out for a walk. The government are in the process of considering fining those caught parking this way and it would certainly be welcome by many who park sensibly on the roads. Please think of others when you park your vehicle. If you see a vehicle that has been parked on the road/pavement for a long period of time you can report this to EFDC who will then consider action.

Citizen of the Year – Do you know anyone in your community who makes a positive difference to the lives of others? The Citizen Of The Year award allows you to let them know how much you appreciate what they do for others in the community. Find the voting form at

Emergency Plan – As mentioned in last month’s report, the Parish Council are reviewing and updating their Emergency Plan which is put in place if there were a serious incident that affected the Parish such as flooding, fire etc. If you would like to help and be involved in this, or have a skill you can offer in an emergency, please contact the Clerk on 07973 863820, or for more information.

The next Parish Meeting will be on Wednesday 18th October at 7.45pm. This meeting will be in the Lambourne Parish Room and all are welcome to attend. We look forward to seeing you there.

Lambourne Parish Council